It all started in a garage… after years in the commercial gym environment, John Weeks saw it for what it was, a numbers game. The vast majority of members never showed up, and those that did mostly spun their wheels without making any real progress. These gyms weren’t designed to make people healthy, they were designed to make people buy a membership and rarely use it. There had to be a better way.

He left a comfortable management position to restart with a few clients and a vision of something bigger, and at the same time easier to understand. Fitness for everyone. Strip it down to the basics of hard work, intelligent programming, and a Community of friends who share the same vision of health and fitness. No machines, no gimmicks, no towel service. This was a complete 180, but it felt like coming home.

This vision of fitness has seen Tough Temple evolve from a garage gym of 15 people into one of the largest boutique gyms in the DMV. As we’ve grown we haven’t lost sight of what makes this place special. Your coaches know your name, and miss you when you don’t show up. They look for you, and they ask how your family is doing. We work hard, we grow together, and we enjoy the process even when it isn’t easy. Because this place makes you a better version of you, inside and out, every time you walk through the door.