Looking to get started in Functional Fitness Training? Never tried it before? Not a problem!

We first want to get you in the best conditioning possible to start your fitness journey. Your introduction will start with our HITT60 classes followed by completing our 2 foundation sessions to expertly teach you all the movements and scaling methods for Functional Fitness. Our two foundations, Barbell Foundations and Gymnastic Foundations, are 2-hour sessions on Saturdays which allow our expert coaches to accurately teach you each movement and develop scaling techniques to flow directly into our coach-lead classes. Follow the link to sign up for your first class!

Already have done Function Fitness style training before? Hell yea! Welcome to your new home. “Doing Functional Fitness before” means you’ve done the introductory/foundations course at another Fitness or CrossFit Gym and then you were an active member there for at least 6 months. If that’s the case, you can do a Test-out. It’s a formal way to start at our gym. It’s a one-on-one session where you will meet with our head coaches to assess your knowledge and history, please email info@toughtemple.com to schedule your session.

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats (Front Squats – Back Squats)
  • Cleans (Hangs and Full)
  • Thrusters 
  • Snatch (Hangs and Full)
  • Overhead Squats
  • Shoulder to Overheads (Presses and Jerks)

Gymnastics/Odd Objects Foundations Movements 

  • Jump rope (Doubles and Singles)
  • Machines (Bikes and Rowers)
  • The Basics (wall balls, box jumps/step ups, sit ups/GHDs)
  • Pull Ups (and scaling)
  • Toes to Bar (and scaling)
  • Handstands (and scaling)
  • Rope Climbs (and scaling)
  • Dumbbell Overview (cleans, snatchs, lunges, presses, if not in HITT)
  • Kettlebell Overview (swings, cleans, snatchs, if not in HITT)